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Hiking in Israel


A day of fun and excitement for families and adventurers Hiking in Israel. Climbing, rappelling and swimming in deserts and caves near Jerusalem. Choose one of our most popular full or half day adventures listed below or speak with our staff to arrange the perfect adventure for your family or group.

Customized Adventures
Choose you own adventure from the following list of sites in Central Israel, include kayaking to make it a full day adventure, visit one of our Sites of Interest or add your own favorite activity! Adventures can be customized for all abilities, including wheelchair and stroller accessible hiking paths.

Nachal Tur Canyon
Walking and rope-sliding track
Medium duration hike on flat ground with a spectacular view. At the conclusion of the hike, there is a descent for good walkers. Rappel through four dry waterfalls, the highest at a height of over 80 meters!
The Tur River is about 350 meters north from the level cliffs. In the canyon, there is an underpass with several high waterfalls that flow to the Dead Sea. Incredible view of the Dead Sea and Hills of Moab.
The hike ends on the beach of the Dead Sea.
Time: Full Day Adventure
Challenge Level: Medium to Hard

Ein Farah
A climbing adventure in a huge canyon in the Judean Desert. From the center of the canyon flows the fish-filled Kelet River throughout the entire year. The climbing is along the riverbank atop the canyon wall and climbers use their hands and feet, aided by a security rope.
Time: Half Day Adventure
Challenge Level: Easy

Luzit Caves
An amazing and beautiful site, where you enter deep inside a huge underground cave and then rappel through hollows down into a large underground hall. You then wind your way out of the caves through a tunnel. Surrounding area has a number of gorgeous natural and flowing springs, such as Ein Mabua.
Time: Half Day Adventure
Challenge Level: Easy

Nachal Arugot
Located in Ein Gedi, this is a breathtaking hike in the desert near the beach of the Dead Sea. In contrast to its desert surroundings, the nachal (natural spring of water) is surrounded by lots of vegetation which draws many animals. Visitors often see deers, gazelles, camels, foxes and if they are lucky, one of the remaining nine wild tigers of the Judean desert.
Time: Half Day Adventure
Challenge Level: Easy

Nachal Hatzatzon
This is the most serious hike in all of Israel. Start the hike around 2:00 at night hiking through the desert, end the next day around 5:00pm. Hike through the deepest canyon in Israel. Rappel through five dry waterfalls, the highest being 120 meters! There is amazing views and breathtaking scenery on this hike, for the extreme of the extreme.
Time: Day and a Half Adventure
Challenge Level: Extremely Hard

Biblical Eretz Israel Tour in present day Jordan
One of the most striking and challenging hikes in the area. This tour on the other side of the Dead Sea, in present day Jordan, but truly Biblical Eretz Yisrael is sure to thrill any participant. Hike through a kilometer deep canyon with stone walls naturally colored with blues, oranges and greens. Refresh or heat yourself in the springs of fresh water that pour out from the walls, a third of which are warm. Though near the Dead Sea, this area is covered with fruit trees and flowering fragrant plants. The tour can include a visit to Petra and to the grave of Aaron HaKohen. A legal border crossings with experienced guide ensure the trips safety. Because of logistics, this tour must include an overnight at a pleasant Jordan Hotel This beautiful hike is a favorite of world travelers.
Time: Day and a Half Adventure
Challenge Level: Hard

Sites of Interest
Mix and match an adventure with a historical or religious site of interest. Below are are few of the many options.

Ein Mabua
A spring of bubbling water filled by the British. It has an interesting phenomenon where the whole pool sinks down into the ground and disappears and then comes back after about 30 seconds. One has to be lucky to see this happen as it sometimes occurs every five minutes and sometimes every few days, either way it is a very picturesque area.

Pre-Planned Adventures
Want the guide to choose the adventures for you?
Below is a sample of one of our most popular Full Day Adventures.

Adventure Yud
Full day
One of our most popular family adventure tours.
Start the day with rock climbing at
Ein Farah
Then to Ein Mabua for a site of interest.
Then to the nearby Luzit Caves where everyone rappels down into a large underground hall then hikes out of the cave.

  Prices are dependent on the number of people in your group and the specific adventures. Entrance fee to some locations. Options for outdoor barbeque, catered meals, restaurant stop-offs or snacks are available on all adventures. Plan your adventure today by contacting us now!