Southern Israel

There are so many beautiful and exciting hiking and climbing spots in Southern Israel that it would be impossible to list them all here. Choose one of our most popular full or half day adventures listed below or speak with our staff to arrange the perfect adventure for your family or group.

South Atek River Canyon
Walking and rappelling track located in the mountainous region of Eilat. The largest and most impressive rope sliding site in the area, located in an ancient and remote canyon with entry possible only via ropes. Rope-sliding is a thrilling experience and adventure to any visitor—a fascinating site for geology lovers.
Preferred season: September – May.
2 rope slides of 1.60 meters and 2.65 meters
Time: Full Day Adventure
Challenge Level: Hard

Kumran River Canyon
Walking and rope sliding route
There are five waterfalls along this track. The upper Kumran River merges with the Schacha River, joining together as the lower Kumran River. It continues westward for two kilometers to the Atekim Cliff and to a stunning canyon stream with several waterfalls.

There are a number of ancient sites and ruins in the area including Dir al Katar, Garznik, and HaRikyana, as well as a partially reconstructed ancient Kumran site. The canyon is suitable for a wide range of activities for any level.
Time: Half Day Adventure
Challenge Level: Easy to Medium

Hari Adom
Stunning desert hike with a view of Eilat and her famous Red Mountains. Along the hike there are two huge dry waterfalls (cliffs). Participants rappel down the cliffs for a thrilling rappelling experience completely in the air. Continue on to a deep canyon with ladders built-in to the side, the passage is sometimes so thin only one can pass. If rain was plentiful then at the bottom is a small pool of water, winter in Eilat is warm and after an invigorating hike its refreshing to take a quick dip.
Time: Full Day Adventure
Challenge Level: Medium

Ein Avdat National Park
The Ein Avdat Spring in the Negev Desert flows where the Zin River leaves the Avdat Plain. Here the river creates an unusual-looking, deep, narrow canyon in the soft white chalk. The park has a bubbling brook, a waterfall, and pools. Many animals, including ibex, are attracted to the fertile banks with their lush vegetation. The park has limited its visiting hours to minimize the effect of human guests on the resident animals. The complete trail leads from the lower entrance along the river to the upper entrance. On one stretch of the trail, hikers must scale up iron rungs hammered into the rock.
Time: Half Day Adventure
Challenge Level: Medium

Sites of Interest
Mix and match an adventure with a historical or religious site of interest.
Below are are few of the many options.

Amram Pillars
A a series of pillars of rock along the western wall of the Amram crater. They were naturally carved into the colorful sandstone of the cliff walls by the flow of water, cutting deep ridges and creating in the pillars a relief like sculpture.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve
The coral reef is as varied as its inhabitants are: there are over 100 types of stony coral and 650 species of fish. A wooden bridge leads from the shore to the beginning of the reef. Visitors jump from the four-meter wall or walk down the steps into the sparkling water. The lime secreted by the stony coral hardens into formations that resemble trees, shrubs and balls, to name a few . The reserve also is home to soft coral, whose fantastically odd shapes are reminiscent of, for instance, a head of cabbage, a mushroom, or algae. The reserve looks totally different in the morning than it does in the afternoon. When the day fish retire for the day, the nocturnal fish take their place, creating a brand new world.

Ein Netafim (Well of Drops)
A scenic area surrounding a pool of water carved out by the British that developed and filled drop by drop. If you arrive here in the early morning or late afternoon, and you keep very still, you may see some of the region's wildlife, such as rock rabbits, gazelles, or flocks of birds such as Tristam's Grackle and trumpeter finches. Ein Netafim is the only source of water in the area, making it a popular watering hole.

Mt. Yoash
One of the most striking views in the Eilat area. The summit of Mt. Yoash overlooks the Eilat Heights' most beautiful panorama. From this vantage point you can see the borders of four countries – Israel, Egypt, Saudia Arabia and Jordan. To the south you can see canyons and cliffs, and to the east, the Gulf and city of Eilat.

Ramon Park Complex
Of all of Israel's desert regions, the Ramon area has the most varied and lush flora. This can be attributed to the variety of habitats found here and to the difference between the climactic conditions on the Ramon Ridge and those on the makhtesh floor. Because of the size and remoteness of Makhtesh Ramon and stringent nature-conservation efforts in the Ramon region, the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority decided this would be an appropriate place for the reintroduction of animals which had disappeared from the Negev Desert landscape. Visitor's can see among others leopards, hyenas, gazelles, wolves, foxes, and Syrian hyraxes.

Pre-Planned Adventures
Want the guide to choose the adventures for you?
Below is an example of one of our most popular Full Day Adventures.

Jeep Adventure Lamed
Full day
Visit the Big Crater (Makhtesh Gadol) as well as the small crater (Makhtesh Katan) to see the unique natural phenomena of the desert craters.
we descend down Ma'ale Akrabim to the wilderness of Zin, where we will finally reach a desert oasis boasting a grove of date palms and running water to accompany our desert lunch.
Followed by
rappelling in the Kumran River Canyon in the afternoon.

  Prices are dependent on the number of people in your group and the specific adventures. Options for outdoor barbeque, catered meals, restaurant stop-offs or snacks are available on all adventures. Plan your adventure today by contacting us now!